Introduction of Glass Pipes
What Are Glass Pipes?

Introduction:  Glass pipes are used for the smoking of tobacco or herbs. They do not transmit any unwanted flavors and retain the beautiful flavors of the smoke to give the user a better smoking experience.

Glass pipes are generally unique since they are not mass-manufactured. Quality glass pipes are made by experienced artisans, so no two can be same. Some of them get hand blown while others are either spun on the glass lathes.

Process of making Glass Pipes: The process of making glass pipes can be extremely complex and requires an extremely high skill level. The more intricate the pipe, the higher the level of skill is needed. For the more complex colorful glass pipes, hot glass is rolled in crushed plain or colored glass powder. It is then melted several times which proceeds in adding the successive layers of the different colors. Finally, patterns are stretched using a sandblaster.

Shapes of Glass Pipes: The pipes made can be divided in five shapes.
1.    Chillums: hand pipes is known as the common shape of  the glass pipe available. small glass tubes where the user packs smoking material gets into its end, applies flame and inhales.
2.    Spoons: these pipes are a bit more advanced than chillums since they have a carburetor.
3.    Steamrollers: it has the bowls on glass fittings at each side. Both ends are open with open end close to the bowl having a carburetor. These are not advisable for beginner smokers.
4.    Sherlock or Gandalf Pipes: it gets its name from the personalities who used them.
5.    Bubblers or Water pipes: also known as the water pipes they diffuse smoke from water long before they are  inhaled. It helps to remove the  tar and the resin.

1.    They are available in a variety of styles and colors, enabling the user a wide range of smoking experiences.
2.    They are usually made of high quality borosilicate glass because of its heat resistance and transparency qualities.  
3.    They provide purer flavor and purer smoke hence they are said to be healthier than conventional rolled smoking products.
4.    They are non-porous and clean easily since they do not contain any openings to house bacteria.
5.    However, it must be remembered that a glass pipe despite its strength can be broken if mishandled.

Cleaning of Glass Pipes:
Glass pipes need to be cleaned frequently. Improper cleaning may result in accumulation of tars and resins that will:


1.    Make the smoke taste unpleasant and harsh.
2.   Restrict the ability of the smoke to travel effectively through the glass pipe.

Conclusion: Glass pipes are available in different shapes, sizes, styles and designs from simple chillums to intricate bubblers. With correct use and care, these pipes can last a lifetime.
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